Well, it’s been a minute since I did any updates on what’s new with my medical journey, so let’s dive right in!

Since I last gave a health update, I spent a few months not really moving forward with anything. Then, in the last month or two, with the help of my coworker, have been doing some research into autoimmune disorders wondering if that could be the cause of my problems. A lot of symptoms matched up with several autoimmune disorders: my swollen, painful gums, joint pain, fatigue, dizziness, tingling hands, the list goes on. One disorder we kept coming back to: SLE, more commonly referred to as Lupus.

I’ve been spending a lot of time worrying if I have Lupus, how to move forward. I finally ended up getting some blood testing done a few weeks ago, and my appointment with my naturopath last week confirmed that I do not have Lupus, which was such a weight off my shoulders, I can’t even tell you how much less stressed I am. My naturopath had me compile a list of every single symptom I could think of, from headaches to post nasal drip to brain fog, asked me a lot of questions, and then one more: “Have you been tested for Celiac disease before?”

I’ve not been testing for Celiac disease before. Do I think this is what is causing me all my issues? I really don’t know. What I do know, is that in order to get my blood testing done for Celiac in a few weeks, I’ve had to start eating gluten again. And let me fucking tell you, when you don’t eat something because it causes you pain, and you have to eat it again, it’s pretty torturous. I’ve been complaining about my ‘bread diet’ a lot, because eating a slice of bread every single day? Not only is it painful, it doesn’t even taste good! I really do not enjoy bread,  pastries, anything in the category anymore, so it’s really been a struggle. I’ve been eating a lot of saltine crackers. Seeing my stomach puff and bloat is uncomfortable and frustrating, because I know how to make it stop, but I really can’t. The headache I’ve had all week since I started eating gluten again has been awful, and I’ve been having a decent amount of joint pain, particularly in my hips, to the point that sitting or laying down aren’t relaxing at all.

As uncomfortable as I am physically, it doesn’t compare to where I am mentally. I do well with ‘boundaries’, so eating Paleo is a good way for me to stay successful in eating healthily and eating in a way that my body functions well with. Unfortunately, lifting one of these cornerstones of my eating lifestyle has kind of thrown me off…. I feel like I’ve barely been eating any vegetables, not eating very healthfully at all. I know this is ‘fine’, but I feel like absolute shit, and then eating things like organic tortilla chips and peanut butter aren’t doing my any favors in feeling better. Once my blood tests are done and I can quit eating gluten (hopefully?) I look forward to buckling down and cutting out all the garbage I’ve been eating in favor of fresh produce and meat.

The other mental struggle is the fact that everything keeps coming back negative…. every test I’ve done basically has shown everything is ‘normal’. To be honest, at this point, I’m starting to wonder if it really is all in my head. If it is just anxiety. And that’s a discouraging thought, because how do I fix that?

10 more days until my blood test….. 10 more breads. Wish me luck.

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