My Natural Skin Care Routine

I turn 25 in less than two months, and I finally think I’m starting to feel like an adult. Or, more accurately, I think people assume I am an adult. It’s weird.

One day I was looking in the mirror and looked a little closer… then a little closer….. and realized. My eyes are starting to get a little wrinkly. GREAT. Now I’m just a 24-year old adult who’s getting all old and wrinkly. I decided it’s time to start taking a little bit better care of my skin. Gotta keep the moneymaker looking fresh, amiright?

ahem. Anyway. I started writing this post a few months ago, but after summing up my routine and taking a closer look at the products I was using, I realized I needed to clean up my skin care routine. It’s still not 100%, but I’ve removed a few products from my routine that may be doing more harm than good for my skin and cleaned up the ingredients I’ll put on my face. I’ve been keeping up with this new routine for the past couple of months, and while my little starts of wrinkles aren’t going anywhere, I have noticed my skin looking smoother and I’ve been breaking out less, so that’s a win for me!

When I first upped my skin care routine, I was a little confused. I’ve never been very into makeup or skin care (although my collections of both are growing, the obsession has begun). When do I use a serum? Do I moisturize before or after I apply eye cream? HELP? After a lot of researching (Google-ing), I found a pretty clear consensus on the correct order to apply skin care products.

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My Natural Skincare Routine | Odessa Darling

For Christmas, my mom got me a dry brush, so I’ve been dry brushing my body about every other day or every three days to exfoliate my body and get rid of any extra skin that needs to be shedded (is there any way to say that sentence that isn’t gross?). When I hop in the shower, I lather my face up with 100 Percent Pure’s Mint White Tea Facial Cleanser. When I first started using this, I felt as though it wasn’t a “strong” enough cleanser for my oily skin, as I was used to using harsh scrubs to try to control my acne. However, after several months of using a more gentle cleanser, my face has been reacting positively and I feel like my skin is more balanced now: the harsh scrubs I’d been using before simply encouraged my skin to produce more oil, whereas with the gentle cleanser my face can actually distribute its’ oils as needed and my cheeks are no longer getting dried out, either!

Once I’m out of the shower, I gently(!) dry my face, then I apply a serum. I got a sample size of 100 Percent Pure’s Brightening Serum with my last order, and I’ve really been enjoying it. I’ve been using it for about a week now and I really feel like my face is looking brighter and more even-toned.  I would also recommend Klurskin’s Tea Tree and Eucalyptus Serum which made my face feel amazing.

I let the serum dry, then I apply eye cream. I’ve been using 100 Percent Pure’s Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream. I love how this cream smells, like creamy coffee and cocoa butter. I wouldn’t say I’ve noticed any drastic differences with this eye cream since I started using it about six months ago. I think my undereye skin is a little less puffy, but I mostly use eye cream as a preventative measure to keep my undereye skin looking healthy. Then, I moisturize! I’ve been using Simple Light Moisturizer w/ SPF 15 for a few years and have found it’s the only moisturizer I’ve tried that doesn’t cause a breakout: it’s oil free and very lightweight but gives my skin enough moisture for my day-to-day needs. When I moisturize, I’ve started to give myself a mini face massage, as I’ve read it can improve circulation, improve lymphatic drainage (sounds gross, but is actually a good thing!), and help brighten your skin.


My Natural Skincare Routine | Odessa Darling

At night, or after work, I like to remove my makeup with the most ridiculous sounding product that actually works amazingly: the makeup eraser. I was extreeeemely skeptical about this when I asked my mom to please buy me this for Christmas, but after a few months of using it, I’d say it really works well. Disclaimer: I usually only wear some foundation and bronzer, and possibly mascara; it cleans off the foundation no prob but I have to use some micellar water to help remove my mascara if I’m wearing it. So, if you usually wear heavier makeup, the makeup eraser might not be your first choice.

Once my makeup is all cleaned off, I’ll usually cleanse my face again with my mint tea cleanser. Depends on how lazy I’m feeling, if I’m being honest 🙂 I like to use my coffee bean eye cream again, then a heavier moisturizer before bed. I’ve been using 100 Percent Pure’s Wrinkle Smoothing Night Cream lately as I received a sample size with my last order. I wouldn’t say I’ve seen any big improvements in the little undereye wrinkles I’ve been slightly obsessing over, but the cream makes my face feel very moisturized and smoothed. I like using a heavier night cream in the winter because my skin gets super dry, especially on my cheeks and on my jawline.


What’s your skin care routine? Do you have a favorite product?

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