It’s been several months since I started transitioning to natural and organic makeup, and I started with the brand 100 Percent Pure. They use only natural and organic ingredients, don’t include any artificial fragrances (huge for people with sensitive skin!) or colors, and all products are cruelty-free. They dye their makeup with fruit! I think that’s awesome. Now that I’ve (mostly) settled into a good, toxin-free makeup routine, I’ve been stepping up my skincare routine to do the same. I’ve been replacing my toxin-laden scrubs and body washes for more natural and friendly versions, and found myself back on the 100 Percent Pure website for the millionth time. Last month, they had their Friends and Family sale going on, and I knew it was time to scoop up a few more goodies to try out!

(Another) 100 Percent Pure Review | Odessa Darling

(Another) 100 Percent Pure Review | Odessa Darling


I’ve been focusing on my daily skincare routine the past few months and found a few (okay, a lot) of 100 Percent Pure products that fit the bill: natural ingredients, oily/acne prone/sensitive skin, anti-aging (prevention is key!), easy to apply. I ended up getting a cleanser, body wash, primer, and eye cream. I also had to replenish my lip balm with their Lysine & Herbs Balm, which is now the only chapstick I’ll use. Seriously, all others have been ruined for me after trying this one.

(Another) 100 Percent Pure Review | Odessa Darling


The Mint White Tea Cleanser is, well, a cleanser. I like it for the end of the day to remove the day’s makeup and oil, but for controlling my breakouts, this cleanser is lacking. If your skin is generally pretty clear and you just need a basic cleanser, this will definitely do the job! I love that it’s nice and gentle for my sensitive skin, it’s just not quite powerful enough to control my oil and breakouts.

Rating: 4/5

(Another) 100 Percent Pure Review | Odessa Darling


This Honey Cream Body Wash is awesome: foamy without the use of any sulfates, makes my skin feel nourished and moisturized, and the eucalyptus smell is equally relaxing and invigorating. Honestly, all of their honey cream washes sound pretty wonderful, so I don’t think you could go wrong with any of the scents.

Rating: 5/5

(Another) 100 Percent Pure Review | Odessa Darling


The Luminous Primer is the first 100 Percent Pure product I’ve considered returning. I’m still considering it. I’m sure this would work well for some people, but with my oily skin, the luminous primer only amplifies how shiny I look. It feels like I’m applying moisturizer, not any other primer I’ve tried. I don’t see a difference in how smooth my bb cream applies when I have this on underneath vs. having no primer. I don’t recommend this if your skin is oily or combination like mine. However, if you suffer from dry, dull skin, I think this primer would help!

Rating: 1/5

(Another) 100 Percent Pure Review | Odessa Darling


Since I turned 24, I’ve noticed some little wrinkles starting around my eyes. I immediately began to panic and research ‘best eye creams’ and ‘anti-aging products mid 20s’. Hey, don’t judge me! Prevention is key, right?? This Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream is the second eye cream I’ve tried, and after the first one, I wasn’t really expecting much. More like one of the steps in my routine that I don’t actually see any difference from but know I should be doing it, so I do, you know?

But actually, a few weeks after beginning to use this cream, I’m pleasantly surprised! I’ve noticed a reduction in my chronic dark circles (still present, but lighter) and less puffiness under my eyes. I feel that with continued use this eye cream will definitely continue to benefit my under-eye area, and would really recommend it to anyone who suffers from Chronic Zombie Eyes (that’s a medical term, right?) like I do.

Rating: 5/5


All in all, I’m pretty pleased with my small haul and will definitely continue to shop from 100 Percent Pure. The search continues for a stronger natural cleanser to help control breakouts, and I’ll also be checking out some other natural primers. Any recommendations for natural skincare products you love? Share in the comments!

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All thoughts stated in this article are 100% (no pun intended) my own opinions. I received no compensation for writing this and have no connection to 100 Percent Pure, I just really love their products and like sharing what I like with my readers!



I know it sounds odd, but research using raw honey as a facial cleanser! I’ve been doing it for 2 years and it’s made my skin so awesome. I used to struggle with blemishes and lack of luminosity, but the honey helped with both! I rub it into my face just like a regular cleanser, let it sit for 1-2 min, then rinse. 🙂

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