Hey friends! I did it! 30 days (well, technically 40, bc I forgot to take my ‘before’ pic until ten days in…. so I had to restart my count) without using any heat on my hair – no blowdryer, no flat iron, no curling wand, nada. I’ve noticed a huge difference in the health of my hair, which definitely motivates me to continue using little-to-no heat on my hair. I think if I keep this up, drink my collegen powder, and get regular trims I’ll have some pretty long hair by this time next year 🙂 Well, long by my standards at least.


Since my freshman year of high school, I’ve been pretty faithful to my flat irons. I’d say basically 90% of the days, I’d straighten my hair; occasionally I’ll curl it, and rarely leave it be. Unless I was sick, straight up not leaving the house at all, or delusional, I straightened my hair. My addiction to heat tools for my hair was a struggle to break, because having little frizzy fritters and bed head and looking… messy? It makes me feel sloppy and not put together at all. My self conscious nature left me needing to do at least this to feel like I was acceptable to be in public. Thankfully, I’m getting over that now.

I’ve always been a little rough on my hair, but the past year has taken a real toll on it. I went from about a level 4 brunette to a level 9 blonde, then had a few bright color dyes added in, undone by a little at-home bleach action, resulting in breakage, breakage, and more breakage. Not to mention, continuing to use heat tools on my fragile strands. This left me cutting my hair from past the collarbone basically to the chin. Ugh. So much for long, beautiful mermaid hair.

After my most recent trim and tone, my stylist asked me about my heat habits…. prompting me to cough up my flat iron probs, which includes keeping it too hot for my thin, easily damaged hair. One friendly reminder about turning my flat iron down and an hour of google searches about not using heat on your hair left my with my decision to take a 30 day no heat challenge.


30 Day No Heat Challenge | Odessa Darling

I’m not usually much of a hair product girl, aside from dry shampoo. My 30 day no heat challenge inspired me to try out some new products this month!

I learned that for me, leave in conditioner was an absolute must. If I didn’t use it, my hair turned into an awful frizzy mess from air drying. I used the Rusk Thickr on my roots after showering a few times and it made my hair feel a little thicker and had more texture, but I didn’t love the way it looked. I’ll probably use it occasionally, but it’s certainly not a favorite. Hairstory’s Undressed was my major life saver this month: both the before and after photos below are styled with Undressed. I’ve never found a sea salt spray that actually gives me waves, but I’ll be diving further into the deets on an upcoming review post. I used dry shampoo less often than I was before, but it was definitely a necessity this month.



Well, my hair definitely grew! I’ve noticed my ends feel so much better than they did 6 weeks ago, a lot less frizzy and crispy. Seeing this much growth and improvement in 30 days definitely is going to motivate me to continue using little to no heat. I don’t mind the idea of blow drying my hair a little bit, if I let it air dry mostly, but I don’t feel the need to go grab my flat iron and go to town on my hair. In fact, I think it looks cuter a lil messy than perfectly straight anyway, with the way my haircut is at the moment. I’d call my 30 days a success!


Do you think you could go 30 days using no heat on your hair? Did this inspire you to cut back on your heat tools at all? Let me know in the comments! 🙂


I’m currently doing the same thing! i suffer from thyroid and my hair was long and thinned then broke 🙁 so i’m doing no heat and its been exactly 1 week. I use 2 eggs yolks and 2 tbs of olive oil in my hair once a week and hope it will help. if it does then I’m stopping heat all together. I’m tired of week frizzy hair. I’ll keep you posted!!

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