Well, Its been a minute since I talked about all this, but after my third visit to the naturopath I’ve been seeing yesterday, I figured it was time for another post about this. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know I’ve been dealing with stomach issues (severe pain/nausea/digestive issues).

I’ve been following the Paleo diet since the beginning of the year(strict for the first 3 months but have been a little more lenient lately with things like white rice, gluten free tamari, a few others) to help heal my tummy. I’ve been seeing a naturopath since March who has helped me rule out what isn’t the problem, like ulcers, cysts, or a hernia. I’ve been taking various medications to assist in healing my stomach, improving digestion, and helping my gallbladder produce bile. My gallbladder seems to be functioning poorly, so the medication helping with bile production should help make eating less painful. I’m still in pain, but it has decreased.

At my visit yesterday, she said she thinks it is gastritis (inflammation of the stomach lining) and the gallbladder functioning poorly. So, in order to make things easier during the healing process, she is having me cut out fruit for two weeks, then reintroduce one at a time, and cutting out raw veggies indefinitely.
At the moment, that leaves me with eating:

  • Meat
  • Eggs
  • Nuts/seeds
  • Cooked veggies

Uuuuuugh. Seriously shitty. It’s been so hot here, in the 80s every day lately, and the last thing I want is hot food all the time. I’m craving salads, juicy berries, and kombucha. All of which are no-gos right now.
I’m trying to stay positive but I’m just really frustrated. I was so so hungry by the end of work today, I just don’t know what to eat right now. I hate filling up on nuts and meat because they just make me feel so weighed down.
You better believe I’m gonna be going ham on a big ass bowl of fruit next month.
As much as I can complain about it, I am thankful to be making process. I know in ten years I won’t care that I spend a summer eating hot veggies instead if cold, crunchy salads, so I just need to keep things in perspective.
She also wanted me to quit drinking coffee, but we compromised at one cup of cold brew a day. So, I can’t complain too much.


Any recommendations on how to eat more veggies without hating myself for eating them because it’s so hot out??


Oh gosh, this is so rough =[ I’m sorry your diet journey… This is definitely no fun. But hey, it’s only a month! So you can definitely do this. The best thing is that you might have more definitive answers after this and you can eat a serving bowl of fruit!

If you’re craving salads, you can totally “cheat” and cook down all of your veggies just a bit (kale, carrots, green onions, asparagus, etc.) so that they are cooked, but still have a but they have a nice crunchy still. Then you can chill it and have a “cooked” salad!!

Good luck, girl. You’ve got this!!

Thanks Kiersten! I’ve been doing that with kale, the other veggies sound good though I’ll have to try that 🙂 and I know, just staying positive. No idea when I’ll get the raw veggies back but I’m looking forward to the fruit ?

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