Just checking in with a quick health update. As some of you may know, I’ve been on a long journey to figure out the cause behind my chronic stomach pain, digestive issues, nausea, acne, and gum problems, among other symptoms. In my last update I shared that my doctor was going to be testing me for celiac, leaving me eating gluten for three painful weeks. The test came back negative, but I definitely have a poor reaction to gluten (acne, stomach pain, constipation, bloating), so I’m back on that gluten free train and feeling a little better.

When my doctor told me my celiac test was negative, my stomach dropped a little. Of course I do not want to have celiac disease. I don’t want to have any disease. I don’t want a chronic problem that never goes away (although that seems like what I have already, ha). Tears welled up in my eyes with news of, yet another, negative test result. Am I just broken? Will it always be like this? I’m still wondering.

“Well… What now? I’m starting to feel like it really might just be anxiety and stress, combined with the damage I’ve done to my own body by the way I used to not take care of myself.”

“Do you know much about homeopathic medicine?” She asked me. I do not.

My doctor explained the basics of homeopathy, where, in theory, I take a highly diluted substance, which encourages my body to heal itself. Hmm. I’m not going to say I think that homeopathy is bullshit, but I will say I’m a little skeptical. “On the woo scale…” My doctor said, “It’s pretty woo woo.” I’d rather try some homeopathic remedies than take more prescription pills that don’t help.

At this point, I’m willing to try it. She gave me two tinctures to start taking, Arsenic Album and Lycopodium. MY NATUROPATH IS GIVING ME ARSENIC? ISN’T THAT POISON? Well. Sort of. The way of homeopathic remedies is that the arsenic is repeatedly diluted so there is no longer any arsenic left, just the “energy” of the arsenic, which in turn is used to alleviate my symptoms (nausea, abdominal pain, etc, that taking actual arsenic would cause) using the “like dissolves like” scientific theory. Are you wrapping your head around this? Yes, it sounds a little insane when I type it all out. You know what also sounds insane? Being in pain every fucking minute and every doctor telling me there’s nothing wrong. At least my naturopath wants to help me feel better. Because of that, and all of the modern medications and theories that continue to fail me, I’m down with a little woo woo.


Hi Odessa,

Thanks for sharing this information. Do keep us updated with your progress and how arsenic homeopathy helped you. Magnetic therapy is another great way to heal on the nerve and cell level.


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