Another day, another trip to the naturopath… You know, every couple of months.

Since my last trip to the naturopath, I’ve been eating mostly Paleo. Lots of veggies (including raw), lots of protein, not a ton of carbs. And I’ve been feeling about the same. 

My naturopath suggested I may have a problem processing sulfur and sulfites, so I’ve started a new elimination diet that cuts these out. The problem? Almost everything in my diet is on the no-no list. One of the big culprits for high sulfur content is cruciferous veggies, like broccoli, cabbage, and kale. I was eating at least a couple servings of these a day (I had started eating kale for breakfast every morning). Other offenders include garlic and onions, white meat poultry, coffee, chocolate, all soy, all beans, the list goes on.

For sulfites, I need to avoid certain preserved foods (bottled lemon/lime juice, pre-mixed garlic), wine, most corn products (corn syrup, starch, etc), processed foods, and certain medications. Even one of the medications I was taking for my gallbladder contained sulfur, so I stopped taking it. 

I’ve been following the elimination diet for a week, and honestly, it’s hard. Eating so differently than you’re used to can be tricky to adjust to, especially when you just want to make a quick dinner after work.

Unfortunately, I’ve been sick with the flu the past three days, so I haven’t been eating much. I feel terrible, so I can’t tell if the diet is helping or not. Sulfur/sulfites are supposed to be out of your system in 4-7 days, so hopefully when I’m done being sick, I’ll be able to feel a difference. (On a side note, who gets the flu twice in six months? Why is this happening?)

I’ve also been taking a molybdenum supplement, which helps your body break down sulfur.

My naturopath has me following the elimination diet for two weeks, and then slowly adding in sulfur-rich foods to find my tolerance level. Here’s to hoping the pain goes away with the flu.


Odessa, you’ve been on such a battle with your diet! It breaks my heart! Hopefully you fill find your sulfur tolerance in the longterm, but I know it’s going to be hard with everything you’re cutting out. It’ll be worth it.

On a positive note, you’re inspiring me to start cutting out certain things to see how it affects me! Not worth much to you, but hey, I appreciate it.


Thanks Kiersten. Not sure if the sulfur is the problem, doesn’t seem to be helping yet :/ I know it will be totally worth it once something helps. And that’s great! That makes me happy to hear. Going paleo helped a ton with bloating and other issues but didn’t clear everything up. Good luck to you too 🙂

Hi Odessa,

Thanks for sharing this experience. I always thought that sulfur was good for us.. and still do! I wonder why low sulfer in diet then?!
Here’s the study which got me hooked.. “Early results of an experimental study using Organic Sulfur” by Naturodoc


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