Have you heard of New Wash yet? It’s a new way to “wash” your hair without the use of any detergents (SLS or other foaming agents) and instead uses aloe vera and essential oils to clean the dirt and sweat from your hair without drying it out. Since New Wash doesn’t strip your hair of all its oils, there’s no need for conditioner after. Ooh, that has me QUITE skeptical. It also claims to be appropriate for all hair types, from thick and curly to thin and flat to color treated to natural. Hmmmm.

This is what I’m dealing with in terms of hair: fine and thin, bleach damaged, flat on top with frizzy, poofy ends. You can read my whole hairstory here for more detail. My hair has been pissing me off and is not in good shape. I’ve cut quite a bit off, but unless I go back to a pixie cut (plz no) there’s going to be some damage which I’ll slowly grow out and trim. I’m ready for a life-changing product, as New Wash claims to be. The packaging tells me it can take up to two weeks for your hair and scalp to adjust to New Wash vs conventional shampoos, so I used New Wash for ten days to get a good taste of how my hair reacts to New Wash before sharing my review. Here’s how New Wash worked for me!

Hairstory New Wash Review | Odessa Darling

Hairstory New Wash Review | Odessa Darling

Hairstory New Wash Review | Odessa Darling

Hairstory New Wash Review | Odessa Darling

Hairstory New Wash Review | Odessa Darling


“Washed” my hair with New Wash after a couple days without washing. The only product in my hair was dry shampoo, and it was slightly greasy. I massaged New Wash into my scalp really well, made sure my hair was well coated, and combed through with a wide tooth comb. I washed my body and face and then rinsed my hair. When I first started rinsing, my hair felt very silky, as though I’d applied conditioner; as I continued to rinse, as per New Wash’s instructions (the oils are hydrophobic and require extra rinsing) my hair started to feel really dry and gross. Here goes, I thought, as I turned the water off without conditioner (!!!). I blow dried and straightened my hair as usual, and was pleasantly surprised with how my hair looked! It was fluffy and bouncy, soft but not sleek. It had a nice, grippy texture, something my hair usually lacks. Most of the time after washing, I feel like my hair is both dry and weighed down by the conditioner, so having some volume was really nice! I couldn’t stop running my hands through my hair all day!


Hair feels a little greasier for second day hair than usual, but I don’t want to use any dry shampoo so my hair can begin to acclimate to the new product. Decided to add some waves with my flat iron, which, full disclosure: Since the last time my hair was bleached it hasn’t really been able to hold a curl at all, and my hair never will hold a curl if it’s been straightened the day before. Generally, in order for my hair to hold waves or curls, I have to wash it, blow dry or air dry but not flat iron, sleep on it, and add some waves the next day. Then, it might hold the curls, or it might fall flat in an hour.

However, I got my hair nice and wavy and used just a little hairspray, mostly to hold my bangs back in their bobby pins but lightly misted the rest of my head. Even six hours later, my hair looked just about as good as it did when I first styled it. Maybe even a little better, because it had that effortless messy look going on. My hair never does this so I am pretty impressed already!


Woke up with very greasy hair. I generally wash my hair 2-3 times a week, but try to go three days between washes. However, since New Wash isn’t drying the fuck out of my hair, I felt like it was okay to wash on the second day. I blew dry my hair about halfway, mostly so that my roots have volume and my bangs are taken care of. Even without straightening or adding waves, my hair has decent texture and I don’t feel like I need to use any more heat on it. That is awesome. However, for the sake of experimenting and seeing what my hair can do with all this new texture, I decided to add some waves with my flat iron. They held pretty well, but not as great as yesterday.


Skipped washing today and still had a little bit of waves left over from yesterday. Put my hair in a half bun and called it a day. I’m really enjoying that my ends aren’t as frizzy as they usually are and even my insane bedhead doesn’t look half bad.


Would have skipped washing today, but it’s Christmas and you gotta look good in those Christmas photos, you feel me? Used New Wash, dried using my diffuser, and added curls with flat iron. Used a little bit of texturizing spray and my hair looked amazing today. I feel like I’m figuring out how to style my shorter hair! My curls and body looked as good at 8 pm when we went home as they did when we left at 10 am, and for my usually flat-sad-hair that has always seemed impossible.


Skipped washing, didn’t style, just pinned my bangs out of my face. My hair was somewhere in between bedhead and messy styling. Lots of volume, still.


Okay, not loving that I feel like I need to wash my hair every other day. I am going to try to go three days in between washes after today and see how that goes. Besides washing more often than I was with shampoo, I’ve been really happy with New Wash so far. But the reviews from people saying they can go five or more days without washing? Yeah, not gonna happen for me. I’ll assume my hair and scalp are still adjusting as I’ve only been using New Wash for a week. One more week to go and we will see how it’s looking!


Same as my other second day styling, made some waves with my flat iron, added a lil hairspray, and called it a day.


Okay, testing out going three days in between washes. When I woke up my hair was very oily and separate-y. Brushed it out, added some waves and a little dry shampoo (I know I was going to try to skip dry shampoo but I was going to work and really needed a little for my roots). My waves didn’t hold as well today as they have been, with the top layer of my hair relaxing partway through the day and straightening themselves out. Not the best look. However, the rest of my waves held for the day so I just pinned the front back which helped to hide the self-straightening bits. My hair felt pretty gross today, also.


Oooh, today tests out how New Wash holds up when I tone my hair. I used New Wash before I toned to get any product residue out, applied my toner and left it in, rinsed, then applied New Wash again. When i rinse my toner out, my hair is generally dry AF and impossible to brush. Generally I like to do a deep conditioning mask after toning, but New Wash claims you won’t need masks anymore, so I decided to use it instead and see how it felt…. After toning and using New Wash my hair felt surprisingly good! Better than if I had used a deep conditioner because I don’t have the slippery, overly sleek feeling from a mask. That impresses me.


Is New Wash magic for hair? IDK about that, but I will say it makes my hair feel SO good. Much, much better than conventional shampoos or even natural SLS free shampoos. My hair has way more volume using New Wash, better texture than can actually hold a curl/wave, and I feel like less of my hair has been breaking off. It’s damaged, so there is still some breakage, but after brushing my hair my shirt isn’t literally covered in dead ends like I’ve been experiencing the past several months. I don’t think that using New Wash saves me any days of washing; I’m washing my hair every other day while with conventional hair care I can usually wash every third day. However, the benefits outweigh the extra wash or two every week. Particularly because New Wash doesn’t dry my hair out the way shampoo does. My hair is very fine and thin, so for those of you who have thicker or more hair, the extended between-washes time might be absolutely do-able for you. To sum it all up, I have no desire to return to conventional hair products as long as New Wash continues to make my hair feel the way it is right now.


After 2 months of using New Wash, I am still loving it. I’m still washing my hair every other day, as it feels a little too greasy on day three. My hair is full of volume and bounce, which one of my coworkers is always complimenting me on. My hair definitely feels healthier and less dry, and I haven’t been using any conditioner or hair masks. I’m still on my first 8 oz bottle, as well, to give you an idea of how long a bottle will last. I have used it more in these last two months than I will going forward due to several different days of dying my hair, resulting in washing my hair more than once in a day/more often than I do in general.

Here’s a photo of my current hair, taken after 2 months using New Wash:

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored nor was I compensated for writing this review. I bought this product with my own money and all opinions are my own.


I’m trying out Hairstory new wash right now and so far I don’t love it. It’s been about a week and my hair is greasy every time I blow dry it after showering. Am I not washing the product out enough? Or maybe my hair and scalp are adjusting to the product…I’m not sure but as of right now I’m not impressed.

Hey Audrey! What I’ve found to be helpful with new wash is 1. Using more than the bottle says, I think it says like 1 or 2 pumps, but for my fine, thin hair that is between chin and collarbone length I usually use about 7 pumps. I pump it directly into my scalp, two pumps at the forehead hairline, a pump above each rate, 1 or 2 pumps at the base of the skull, and another pump or two in the middle of my scalp. When I was applying by pumping it into my hands first, I was having more of a grease problem. You do need to rinse out very well, for several minutes.
It could def be an adjustment to the product as well, especially if you are someone who usually shampoos every day. I usually end up using regular shampoo and conditioner once a week or so but if you feel like you have a lot of product build up on your scalp and the new wash isn’t getting it, try a clarifying shampoo one every week or every other week.
Hope this helped, sorry for the novel of a reply!

Thanks for the reply! I guess I’m not using enough, I use about 4 pumps and I have hair that goes just past my shoulders. I think I need to rinse it out more too!

In lieu of a clarifying shampoo, try 1 part apple cider vinegar and 3 parts water. Cleans away all product build up plus leaves your hair shiny! Pour over hair and leave in for a minute or 2 then rinse with water.

Make sure you’re using enough and rinsing super well, my hair always feel grossly dry when it’s all rinsed out. It could just be it doesn’t work for you, I doubt there’s one product that can literally work for everyone!

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