Hello friends! Today I’m talking about the new Pacifica Crystal Matrix eyeshadow palette that I was lucky enough to win in an instagram giveaway. I’m not usually a huge eyeshadow wearer, but I’ve been getting much more interested in makeup lately so this came at just the right time. Have you seen this palette yet? It has 10 shades, all of them with a shimmer finish (so you shine like a crystal, or something like that). I was a little iffy about the shimmer finish of them all, probably due to flashbacks of when I first started wearing makeup in high school and had no idea how to do it, and would usually top off my look with a mountain of glitter. Because, you know, mid 2000s fashion was fantastic. (or not)


Pacifica Crystal Matrix Eye Shadow Palette Review & Look | Odessa Darling

At first glance, this is a very cute lil palette. It’s small and simple, which is good for someone like me who isn’t looking anything too elaborate. I like the holographic crystals in the background, playing off of the whole unicorn-magic-beauty theme going on lately. There’s a nice variety in the shades: several neutrals, a deep green, a few purples. It As I mentioned, all 10 shades have a shimmer finish, which is more apparent when applied to my eyes than it is in the swatches. The package describes this palette as “highly pigmented mineral eye shadows in a range of your new super wearable favorite colors”. Fair enough! These shades are pretty basic, but not boring.

I love that the shadows are vegan and cruelty free, as well as formulated with pretty clean ingredients (depending on how you view mineral makeup). This palette retails for 17.99.


Pacifica Crystal Matrix Eye shadow Palette Review & Look | Odessa Darling

1. Affected 2. Spaced out 3. Faceted 4. Prism 5. Comet

6. Reflector 7. Mars 8. Stolen Stars 9. Meteor 10. Ice


When the package says highly pigmented, I expected it to be… well… highly pigmented. It is not. Even the deep green, dark brown, and plum colors, which appear pretty pigmented on the swatches, start to melt away once you begin to blend. I had to layer a lot to get the following look, as the deep brown I was applying in my crease kept disappearing. My favorite shade is the white in the top left corner, which, when applied, actually is an iridescent pinky shade. It reminds me of a beautiful Mac shadow I used to use in high school for the same purpose (brightening the inner corners). I left this on for a few hours, but my eyes started to get itchy, so I removed it and didn’t get to see how long lasting it is. This is my first time using mineral eyeshadow, so I’m not sure if my eyes didn’t like one of the ingredients, or if I possibly got a little too close on the lower lash line. I don’t have a problem with mineral powder foundation, so it’s hard to say.


Pacifica Crystal Matrix Eye Shadow Palette Review & Look | Odessa Darling

Pacifica Crystal Matrix Eye Shadow Palette Review & Look | Odessa Darling

I ended up liking this more than I anticipated! It’s a nice, natural look that I wouldn’t feel too over-the-top for work. The shimmer finish didn’t end up being too much, and the shades blended together nicely (if not a little too nicely, as the powder starts to disappear). As I mentioned, I did have to apply several layers before the color popped, but that just makes it a little easier to avoid overdoing it.

I used the shade Faceted all over my lid, followed by Mars as a darker shade in the crease. Like I said, it kept melting away, so I ended up using the shade Spaced Out to deepen the outer corners of my eye. I went all over with Prism, then brightened the inner corners and under the brows with Comet.


I don’t love this palette, but there are a few shades I like enough to continue to use, namely Comet and Prism. If I hadn’t received this, I probably wouldn’t have purchased it, but I am happy I have it. If you’re looking for a good basic palette for natural every day looks, I think this would probably be a great choice for you. If you’re looking for something that really packs a punch, in pigment and colors, then probably not for you.

Pacifica Crystal Matrix Eye Shadow Palette Review & Look | Odessa Darling

(I don’t know what to do with my face in these photos, can you tell?)

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