Alright, everybody. One day until the New Year. My last post talked about how I’ve been preparing for January and going paleo once the New Year hits (not a resolution, just a time that happened to work out for me to be starting something requiring a bit of planning). I’ve been spending a little time getting alllll my shit together, so I’m not overwhelmed with what to make, what I can’t have, and what to do. I get overwhelmed easily.

I’ve been rounding up some recipes and will be continuing to make myself weekly meal plans (I always make one for dinner, but I’m going to be adding in some breakfast and lunches as well, due to the changes). I’ve also been figuring out what supplements I’ll be taking and ordered some stuff from Amazon (thanks Prime!). Going paleo sounds like it can be difficult at first, so planning ahead is a must for me! Read on to see what I’ll be doing, eating, and taking next month.


  • Multivitamin: I am SO excited. My stomach has a very hard time digesting vitamins, so I really prefer the gummies (plus, they taste good). I was at Fred Meyer and found these vitamins with no icky ingredients and no added sugar, just fruit and veggie juices! Plus they taste great! Super stoked.
  • GI revive, which is intended to help heal leaky gut and improve GI function.
  • Great Lakes gelatin, which is intended to help heal your intestines as well as promote hair and nail growth! I’ve been mixing it into my coffee in the morning and it has no flavor, texture, anything.
  • Digestive enzymes. I’ve been taking these for the last two months and they have really helped my digestion.
  • L-Lysine, for my gum flare-ups. My hygienist recommended this to me to help heal my gums quicker.
  • Calcium, magnesium, and zinc: My fingernails are awful. The crumble and break constantly. Taking a calcium, magnesium, and zinc supplement has really helped with my nails.


I’m going to be tracking what I eat and how I feel, but won’t be posting this until the month is over.



  • All meats and seafood
  • All vegetables
  • All fruit
  • Nuts and seeds (no peanuts!)
  • Olive oil, coconut oil, ghee
  • Sweeteners: Honey, maple syrup, and honey in small amounts. Stevia (in GI revive, above) and xylitol (I have severe xerostomia and have to use a dry-mouth spray)
  • Coffee, tea, kombucha

I’m really looking forward to seeing improvements in the next month! I’m confident that at the very least, my acne will clear up and I’ll have more energy (after the first week). Hopefully, my stomach issues will improve, but we will see. Wish me luck!

Happy new year, everyone!


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