Bad pun?

Well, yeah. But I am a pun-lover. I pho-king love puns.

Of course, these only work if you are pronouncing pho correctly. Fuh. Otherwise it just looks like I’m saying “Sunday phoneday” and what the pho does that mean? (Okay, I’m done now.)

Before my boyfriend and I had ever gone to a pho restaurant together, we were having a (heated) discussion about how to pronounce it. (I was right. No, I’m not gloating.) I insisted I knew how to say it right, but you know how it goes when two people both really like to be right.

To prove my point, I youtubed “how to pronounce pho” and held my phone up to my boyfriend, as the video repeatedly said “pho……. pho……….. pho…..” with a probably very unattractive smirk on my face. Whatever. As the person who is usually wrong, i have to take what I can get.


Now, I have a sad confession. Before tonight, I had never had pho. It kind of freaked me out. But after trying a homemade version, I’m really looking forward top trying some next time we end up at a Vietnamese restaurant.


I came across this recipe while browsing Damn Delicious and decided I had to make it! I adjusted the quantities a little to make it for two, poached and shredded my chicken, and switched up the toppings a little. I shredded some carrots with my veggie peeler, omitted the cilantro, and sadly, forgot the lime until I had polished off (aka slurped up) my bowl.


All in all, it was (ha ha) damn delicious! This will definitely become a staple through the fall and winter.



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